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 Independent Training Consultants - Retraining Program 
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  • Vocational and Educational Services Training
  • Supported Employment
  • New York State Corporation - Incorporated in 1992
  • Eastern Training Seminars Inc.
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  • Retraining Programs for Dislocated Workers - MedAResource / InfAResource
  • Supported Employment, Vocational Rehabilitation
  • Consulting on The Americans with Disabilities Act for Employers 

Eastern Training Consultants

A variety of employment services are available to workers who have been laid off due to plant closings or downsizing. Core services include job-search and job-placement assistance and useful labor market information. Intensive services, including career counseling, comprehensive assessment of an individual’s employability, and development of a personal employment plan are available to dislocated workers who are unable to find jobs through core service.

Services available: Training, Consulting, Job Placement, Career Counseling.

Annual Symposium - Vocational Rehabilitation - Supported Employment being held during April and May 2019.  Our Training department will be holding the Symposium.