EasternTraining Consultants
 Independent Training Consultants - Retraining Program
  • New York State Education Department Vocational and Educational Services Vendor(VESID)
  • New York State Corporation - Incorporated in 1992
  • A Proud Member of the Better Business Bureau
  • Vocational Rehabilitation 
  • Retraining Programs for Dislocated Workers - MedAResource / InfAResource  Webinars

New York State Education Department Vocational and  Educational Services Vendor

Proud member of the Better Business Bureau 

Eastern Training Consultants provides a variety of services that increase the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of financial, training and development consultation. Services include, but are not limited to:

Performance Analysis and Needs Assessment:

Identifies performance-based problems and pinpoints those problems that can be addressed through training.

Describes what people are not doing correctly or efficiently that must be improved to increase productivity, response time, customer satisfaction, etc.

Helps determine if existing training is relevant.

Sets the direction for future training design and development.

Training Program Audit:

Assesses the effectiveness and efficiency of current training courses and programs to ensure they meet organizational needs and goals.

Training Department Audit:

Analyzes the organization, management, and administration of the training department and suggests how it can be made more responsive and cost-effective.

Program Consultation and Evaluation:

Program Consultation with input from subject matter experts so the final result reflects the special needs of your business.

Takes into account the nature of the audience, resources available, and culture of the organization.

Includes evaluation of the training to ensure it is effective.

Strategic Planning:

Looks at the strategic business plan and assesses the extent to which the training function is aligned with the organization to achieve business goals and objectives.

Recommends strategies for aligning training with the rest of the organization to achieve business goals.


Facilitates focus groups that address specific business concerns, including problem identification, problem solving, strategic planning, etc.

Startup Training:

Plans and designs the training function for companies that are establishing a training function on either a part-time or full-time basis.

Works with training personnel to establish policies, procedures, and standards.

Helps identify and select needed resources, e.g., facilities, materials, personnel, etc.

Eastern Training Consultants offer the following:

Mental Health Research, Counseling, Management Consultation, Fund Development for Non Profits, and Our Supported Employment, Job Development and Placement Programs. 

Research - through its specialized databases and research staff, Eastern Training Seminars Inc. will explore a variety of grant possibilities for your organization.

Mental Health Research - working with special centers for Traumatic Brain Injuries, and those diagnosed with Mental Illness.